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CPD Accredited Certificate


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Course Overview

Google Ads is a powerful, flexible and data-driven course, giving you high levels of management control – but correctly understanding how to use the platform is vital if you want to achieve the best results from PPC advertising for your business.
Learn the fundamentals of Google Ads, from planning your campaign strategy to campaign setup, ads, keywords, and optimisation.
Discover how to create, develop and optimise a professional Google AdWords campaign that sends high-quality traffic to your website.

Course Details

  • How to use the interface
  • How Ads work on Google
  • Planning a simple campaign
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Creating an Ad
  • Logging in to Ads / Creating an account
  • Walking through the interface
  • Basic account administration
  • Changing and showing different columns in reports
  • What is PPC advertising
  • How does Google operate Ads
  • What different kind of Ads can I create
  • How does Google select and rank the Ads it shows
  • What is Quality Score and why is it important
  • Account level settings and billing
  • What is a campaign
  • What is an Ad Group and how do I use it
  • Where do Ads live in my account
  • What is the relationship between Ads and Keywords
  • About status (enabled, paused, removed)
  • The overview report
  • Which keywords are working well
  • Which ads are working well
  • Overview of conversions
  • Pre planning your campaign
  • Defining your landing page
  • Thinking about some keywords
  • Planning your campaign settings* – Budget, Bid, Geography, Language, Scheduling, Audience
  • Planning your Ad content* – General ideas on good copy for Ads
  • Planning your Extensions
  • About the keyword planner
  • Assessing keywords and traffic projections
  • A better idea of costs and budget
  • Adding words to a keyword plan
  • Projected plan performance
  • Adjusting Max CPC to hit targets
  • Refining keywords with match modifiers
  • About negative keywords
  • Moving your plan into your account
  • Adding a new search campaign to Ads and setting a key objective
  • Allocating budget and setting bid method
  • Working through the campaign settings
  • Adding an Adgroup and your keywords
  • Ad your ad copy (headings and descriptions)
  • Insert the Final URL
  • Adding the page path
  • Assigning any extensions

Whether you are a marketing specialist, a small business owner or just entering the industry, this course is perfect for giving you practical knowledge and valuable insights on how Google Ads fits into your company’s overall branding strategy and marketing plan and how you can use it to increase the quality of your inbound traffic.

The course will benefit you whether your role is entry-level, evolving, or a more senior role is opening to you.

LSPR Professional Development Certificate. The Certificate is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:

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