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Course Overview

Delivering value to your business requires insight into your changing marketplace and decisions regarding how to match your organisation’s distinctive capabilities with valuable opportunities. Our approach is to explore PR and marketing as multi-faceted business processes, involving creativity and innovation, alongside analytical and strategic skills. Strategic PR planning and marketing communications focuses on how to develop a competitive advantage through the drivers of shareholder value. 

Being able to do this is the key for many marketers to increase their contribution and influence in the organisation. The course is highly practical in its content, delivery, and application. We will help you uncover up-to-date tools available to create a dynamic digital strategy, so your organisation reaps the benefits.   

Course Details

  • Understand the trends and developments in the communications and PR industry
  • Build a robust reputation through trust and transparency into the brand
  • Manage a successful brand 
  • Create PR strategies and impactful campaigns 
  • Manage risk and crisis 
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement
  • Develop and implement CSR and sustainability strategies 
  • Effectively handle Media relations and press campaigns
Day 1 – Branding and Reputation Management  
  • Creating effective strategies to build your product or service into a desirable brand 
  • Understanding how the visual tangible and non-physical intangible elements of the brand shape perception  
  • Delving deeper into the intangibles: how they impact the reputation and create meaning and identity for the brand 
  • Exploring reputation management strategies 
  • Communication strategies for positioning your brand to create loyalty and trust 
Day 2 – PR Strategies and Campaigns  
  • Establishing your PR goals and objectives 
  • Creating successful internal communications strategies, to gain maximum engagement 
  • Identifying your external audiences, and establishing engagement  
  • Using SMART objectives to achieve your PR goals 
  • Planning your budgeting, in terms of human and other resources, for the best outcomes 
  • Evaluating and measuring the success of your campaigns 
Day 3 – Marketing Fundamentals Strategy  
  • Overviewing the main marketing activities: the planning process, market segmentation, marketplace, pricing, distribution, and promotion 
  • Enhancing skills in strategic thinking, and presenting marketing plans 
  • Forming objectives, situation (SWOT) analysis, forecasting, target market selection, market mix strategy formation and marketing tactics development. 
  • Designing life cycle strategies  
  • Exploring and applying the core elements of the growth strategies matrix, as part of your strategy development process. 
Day 4 – Market Research and Consumer Behaviour  
  • Understanding markets and gaining consumer insights 
  • Focusing on quantitative, qualitative and interpretative approaches and their value for innovations and marketing strategy 
  • Evaluating and using research output for solving marketing problems 
  • Developing an effective customer relationship management approach 
  • Utilising research methods to measure customer satisfaction, engagement and responsiveness 
  • Exploring psychological, sociological and cultural approaches, to understand the behaviour of individuals in the market 
  • Segmenting and targeting your market, to relate and create desirable behaviour from your customers. 
  • Increasing retention of current customers 
  • Identifying and targeting new potential customers 
Day 5 – Product Innovation and Digital Marketing  
  • Developing new and improved products and services, to lead and disrupt the market 
  • Learning to continuously innovate and manage product development processes and reduce risk of failure 
  • Understanding effective ways to develop new product ideas, to garner market reactions to your ideas, and choose the right strategies to take new products to the market 
  • Exploring how digital marketing as a powerful tool in a two-way communication process, where marketers interact with consumers 
  • Building consumer-brand relationships and engagements of different kinds and levels 
  • Looking at what currently works for you and how to make it better and what are the current trends, to create a seamless online presence, ensuring continuity of message across all digital platforms to deliver a more effective marketing strategy 

It is if you are looking to develop a practical understanding of digital marketing, market research, customer analysis, innovation and design and brand management. The training will help you create a seamless digital presence, whilst ensuring consistency of messaging with offline channels. 

You will acquire the latest knowledge on digital and social media marketing, brand management, creating a narrative, and the power of influencers.

LSPR Professional Development Diploma. The Diploma is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:

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