The Essentials of Management and Leadership


5 Days: 10:30am - 3:30pm

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CPD Accredited Diploma


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Course Overview

The purpose of the Essentials of Management and Leadership course is to advance your career as an effective leader and manager. Learn how to create high-performance teams by understanding how best to motivate set smart goals and objectives for employees. 

The training will help you learn how to effectively and efficiently manage and motivate your teams. We will explore best management practices, create high-performance dynamic teams and motivational techniques, develop your leadership skills, and become effective communicators. 

This practical and highly stimulating course has been created for managers who want to succeed in their roles. The delivery is very practical, relies on the trainer’s first-hand experience of real example situations, and focuses on best practices. 

During the Advanced Management course, you will explore ways to become a more effective manager and improve internal communication overall in the organisation. We will teach you the different leadership styles that would work best for your teams and help set KPI’s, Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s) and appraisal systems, putting effective management thinking into real practice and how to effect employees positively. 

Course Details

  • How to become the best manager, you can be
  • Putting management theory into practice and understanding natural management styles and their effects on employees
  • How to create high performing teams
  • How to become an inspirational leader to achieve results 
  • How to become an effective leader 
  • How leaders drive change and improve communications 
  • The practicalities of setting KPIS, appraisal and review systems
  • Creating effective internal communications within the workplace
  • Creating a positive impression, influence and reputation management
  • Converting influence skills into valuable personal brand equity
  • Engaging successfully with anyone and giving a positive impression, even under stressful conditions
  • Developing your personal brand and style
  • How to stand out from all those around you and leave a lasting, credible impression

Day 1 – Effective Management Skills 

  • The roles, responsibilities, and complexities of the manager 
  • Exploring management and leadership styles 
  • Understanding how to identify your own style and self-development 
  • Setting SMART objectives to achieve goals  

Day 2 – Motivating Effective Teams 

  • Techniques to develop team performance 
  • Developing core skills and abilities within your team 
  • The role of leadership in your team 
  • Techniques of motivating your team members and maximising performance 

Day 3 – Internal Communications 

  • Enhancing internal communications and engagement 
  • Exploring different approaches and systems for internal communications 
  • Improving your listening skills and tackle performance problems effectively 
  • Setting clear objectives through clear and consistent messages 
  • Positive team-building and cohesive working relationships 

Day 4 – Managing Conflict and Collaboration 

  • Understanding the sources of conflict 
  • Identifying individual responses to conflict 
  • Implementing pre-emptive conflict resolution techniques  
  • Using influencing styles to enhance collaboration  

Day 5 – KPIs and Appraisal Systems  

  • Setting KPIs and benchmarking on targets and performance 
  • Understanding the tools needed and benefits of running appraisal meetings Confidently plan and prepare for a successful review meetings  
  • Preparing and overcoming nerves around appraisal meetings  
  • Giving and receiving feedback in managing performance with practice using role-play 
  • Putting into action appraisals that are engaging and two-way 

This advanced, practical, and highly stimulating course has been created for managers who want to succeed in their role. The delivery is very practical, relies on the trainer’s first-hand experience of real-life situations, and focuses on best practice.  

Delegates are encouraged to engage in discussions and participate in activities. They will learn to apply solutions to real-life issues that they face within their working lives. By the end of the training, delegates will go away with inspiring new ideas, more confidence in problem-solving and tools to put into practice. 

LSPR Professional Development Diploma. The Diploma is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:


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