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CPD Accredited Certificate


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Course Overview

This 1-day Blogging course will help you define your blog writing goals, understand the best structure approach, decide on topics, and content to engage your audiences. You will learn how to create effective marketing strategies, and how to achieve SEO optimisation for your blog.

The course focuses on the vital skills for your blog to be a success, both in developing the content and maximising the marketing opportunities that blogging brings to your brand. Our expert trainers will help you develop your ability to write clearly, confidently, and consistently to gain brand reach and create shareable content. Excellent quality writing, whether for reports, presentations, marketing materials, or online, is essential to convey messages clearly and reflect well on the organisation and the writer.

Course Details

  • Learn the benefits of blogs to your brand as a powerful marketing tool 
  • Define your target audience
  • Develop a content strategy for your blogs that targets and engages your readers 
  • Create credible content for your blogs and the building blocks for the structure 
  • Maximise your digital marketing opportunities with your blogging 
  • Create an effective SEO strategy for your blog 
  • Understanding how blogs work as a marketing and sales tool
  • The different formats of blogs
  • The difference between personal blogging and blogging for your business
  • How a blog can benefit your company or organisation
  • Who is your audience?
  • Why will they want to read your blog?
  • What do you want them to think, feel or do having read your blog?
  • Develop a strategy for your content
  • Components of a business blog 
  • Understanding how people read online and write to mirror it
  • Writing a post 
  • Writing with authority 
  • How to incorporate keywords and key phrases within your writing 
  • Blogging hints and tips 
  • Search engine optimised content
  • Sending invites to your blog
  • Creating polls 
  • Inviting comments and replying to them
  • Getting audience feedback
  • How much information should I post?
  • Using blogs to build a profile and learn the market share
  • Attracting new visitors and readers 
  • Using site statistics to understand your readers
  • Why the title tag is the most important words of the eight words of your blog
  • Word order in your title tag
  • Best practice when writing headlines
  • Why images work
  • Finding royalty free images
  • Adding video and audio to your blog
  • Archives and feeds
  • Linking blogs to external sites
  • Writing link copy 

 You do not need previous experience to attend the blog writing course. You will receive friendly, practical, and constructive feedback throughout the blogging course.

LSPR Professional Development Certificate. The Certificate is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:

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Our Happy Clients

I very much enjoyed this course. It included everything I wanted to know… I only wish it lasted longer!

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Makenzie Dougall

Copy Editor

The course has grounded me in a better understanding of the industry processes and interdependencies.

Woman standing in front of painting frame, smiling at the camera.

Sydney Radclyffe


Really enjoyed the session! Great to be learning from such well-informed professionals who have a great experience to share.

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Caterina Ponsicchi


Women at a desk looking ahead at a person on a desktop screen, chatting together.

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