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Our consultancy service can help you identify and solve problems, successfully navigate and manage change, and evaluate and learn from experiences.


Our expert coaches will help you unlock your potential by helping you improve your skills and confidence.

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LSPR has been delivering training since 1992 and has extensive experience in delivering training to a broad range of clients: PR and communications agencies, financial, consumer, oil & gas, and multiple other sectors and industries.

Industry Expertise

Our courses are led by industry experts who all share a common purpose: to deliver the best of their knowledge, expertise and ideas with others. 
Our mantra is that transparency and ethics build the brand’s reputation. Beyond achieving the training objectives, our courses motivate individuals to enhance their performance and add value to their organisation by understanding their team’s roles and responsibilities.

Practical Learning

With an engaging, supportive facilitation style, our training approach enables practical tools for skills transfer, improvements and real results.

Award and Recognition

LSPR Professional Development Diploma. The Diploma is recognised by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service: http://www.cpduk.co.uk

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