Fundamentals of Risk Management and Crisis Communications


5 Days: 10:30am - 3:30pm

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CPD Accredited Diploma


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Course Overview

As organisations face a growing number of global and strategic challenges, the need for responsible leadership and good governance continues to rise. There is a real need to have people able to handle risk situations and manage a crisis in order to avoid damaging the business’s reputation and be prepared for all eventualities.  

It is inevitable that at some stage your organisation will encounter risk and crisis situations. Having robust risk and crisis plans in place is essential. Learn to prepare for a crisis, develop a crisis plan and assemble a crisis team. Improve your understanding of risk management and understand how to prepare a risk assessment of your organisation by correctly assessing and quantifying threats. You will learn how to minimise risk by reviewing current issues, trends, and risk situations. 

Throughout the training, there is an emphasis on the practical elements of risk analysis and crisis planning, including how and when to put your crisis plan into action and how to keep your communications strategy flexible and updated. The course is designed to give attendees real-life skills and capabilities that are immediately transferable to their workplace environment. 

Course Details

  • Manage your crisis communications
  • Enhance internal communications and engagement
  • Manage the risk factors when event planning
  • Understand how to manage risk and implement a crisis plan
  • Prepare for media handling during a crisis

Day 1 – Planning your Crisis Communications

  • Exploring the benefits of early risk management and intervention in avoiding a crisis  
  • Integrating your internal communications to your crisis planning  Using effective internal communications to deliver key message during times of change  

Day 2 – Planning for Event Security

  • Introduction to event security 
  • Applying the principles of risk management to event planning 
  • Assessing the event risks

Day 3 – Internal Communications  

  • Enhancing internal communications and engagement 
  • Exploring different approaches and systems for internal communications 
  • Improving your listening skills and tackling performance problems effectively 
  • Setting clear objectives through clear and consistent messages 
  • Team-building and cohesive working relationships 

Day 4 – Risk and Crisis Management   

  • Managing risk and minimise damage to the reputation of the brand  
  • Identifying and develop issue management plans and analysis  
  • Engaging and communicate difficult issues with key stakeholders 
  • Developing an effective media communications plan  

Day 5 – Crisis Media Handling  

  • Media handling during a crisis using the best practice in media interviews 
  • Different types of media interviews, including media briefings and press conferences 
  • Framing and staying on message during an interview 
  • Preparing crisis messages – being proactive and not reactive 
  • Giving interviews under pressure and dealing with difficult and tricky questions 

The course is suitable for anyone working in marketing, PR, and communications, in-house, or consulting agency and is involved in risk assessment or managing your brand’s reputation.

It will equip you with the core skills required to prepare for the unexpected and proactively anticipate risk and effectively handle a crisis to protect the brand’s reputation.

You will learn how to minimise risk by reviewing current issues, trends, and risk situations.

LSPR Professional Development Diploma. The Diploma is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:


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