Our Story, Vision,
Ethos and Values

Our Founder

LSPR is the brainchild of our founder John Dalton. Back in 1992. John was at the start of his first career in publishing and keen on expanding into PR. He was looking to learn about up-to-date concepts on PR and unable to find a course that suited his needs, he identified a gap in the market. That gap led to the inception of LSPR.


His vision centered on the goal of providing businesses and individuals entering the industry with the know-how about how reputational capabilities would help brands gain a competitive advantage. He understood the growing importance of social influence, and experiences to help brands stand out.  
Man in blue suit and purple tie sitting, and smiling at the camera in front of a background full of logos


Those early days' ideas have remained at the core of our ethos. The concept that reputation is at the heart of PR remains the essence of our training and consultancy.

This approach to PR struck a chord with clients globally. Growth and expansion were rapid for LSPR. There was a high demand for our training programs. We act independently and are not held back from developing and being creative in how we support, share, and enhance knowledge and skills.

Since then we have developed our range of courses over 6 main categories: PR & Communications, Risk and Crisis Communications, Media & Press Relations, Writing & Editing, Management & Leadership and Digital Media
Woman in blue shirt shaking hands with woman in grey suit, accepting an LSPR course certificate

Our Values


to our teams, clients and partnerships by connecting to each other and building solid relationships that drive mutual success. We care deeply about giving a great service and delving deep into what our customers, employees and communities are looking for from us and from each other. We take pride in what we do.


are key as we strive to enhance our knowledge and know-how to improve our client’s skills. We gather smart people to get things done better.​


loving and enjoying what we do makes our work a joy! From senior leadership to new hires, we are tight-knit team with an agile work ethos. everyone has a voice and a say in driving our work forward and we are loving the journey!


integrity, respect, open communication and honesty are at the core of our values. We have built a service based on reputation and trust that has seen us well over the last 30 years. Long may it continue!​

Reputation Management

Building meaningful relationships

To create a place where people came together to discuss ideas, share opinions and be guided by experts. This approach forms the foundation of our values of trust, transparency and building solid-relationships. We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking organisation, focused on delivering practical training with reputation management at the core of each of the courses delivered.
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Woman sitting at a table watching a man in front of a whiteboard, pointing at the board where "Planning" has been written onto it
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Global Reach and Choice

We are worldwide, and work with an international network of 10 global partnerships who deliver a range of LSPR programs in their respective countries. Our partners range from the national PR bodies to well-stablished PR conultancies.

The certification is awarded through the London head office.

Our global partners 
Serbia, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Bulgaria, Montenegro,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, and Ghana. 
On offer now is a widened choice of courses, such as leadership and digital courses in response to demand from our partnerships and clients.
Our longevity is partly due to our quick adaptation to demand. We work with you to help select the right program and design it around your requirements. 
The scheduled courses offer the choice of attending in-person or online. The training is convienent, quick to achieve and practical in content.