The Fundamentals of
Public Relations


5 Days: 10:30am - 3:30pm

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CPD Accredited Diploma


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Course Overview

The Fundamentals of PR diploma course is LSPR’s flagship course. The 5 topics will cover reputation management and branding strategies, effective PR campaigns, strategies for enhancing social responsibility, ESG and sustainability, risk and crisis management, media relations, and press release writing.   

The training helps you  develop robust strategies to enhance the reputation of your brand and corporate identity. The delivery focuses on the practical skills needed to build and develop your career in PR and communications. 

Our industry experts deliver engaging, practical, up-to-date content and tips to encourage  participation and discussion. The focus is to support you in your PR and communication skills development and career progression. 

Course Detail

  • Utilise reputation management strategies to build value, trust and transparency into your brand and enhance stakeholder engagement 
  • Create strategies for impactful PR campaigns  
  • Manage risk and crisis  
  • Develop and implement CSR, ESG and sustainability strategies  
  • Handle your media relations, press release writing and press campaigns   

Day 1:  Branding and Reputation Management Strategies

  • Effective reputation management strategies to position your brand
  • Understanding the tangible and visual elements of the brand in shaping our perception
  • The intangible  elements of branding to enhance values, trust, transparency, loyalty and positive associations 

Day 2:  Strategies for your PR Campaigns 

  • Establishing the objectives of your PR campaigns – toolkit: SMART goals 
  • Creating successful internal communications strategies, to gain your team’s engagement and utilise their skills
  • Identifying your external audiences, and enhancing engagement  
  • Planning your budgeting, by allocating resources, for the best outcomes 
  • Evaluating and measuring the success of your campaigns 

Day 3: Sustainable CSR and ESG  Strategies

  • CSR strategies to build equity and enhance trust in your brand
  • Incorporating CSR into your internal communications and HR strategies
  • CSR as a strategic tool to enhance stakeholder engagement
  • Risk management verses social values 
  • Current trends affecting communication around CSR 
  • Case studies: examples of sustainable CSR practices 

Day 4: Managing Risk and Crisis   

  • The different types of risk
  • The process and benefits of risk management
  • Risk assessment techniques
  • The process of issues management
  • Consequences of not managing risk 
  • Planning for a crisis and the importance of crisis plans and holding statements

Day 5: Media Handling and Press Campaigns

  • The different types of media 
  • Ideas for developing a media campaign
  • Understanding the media landscape
  • Creating your media contact list and building your relationship with journalists
  • Press release writing: persuasive, accurate, using factual tone,  the style, the structure and using compelling content for a press release that stands out from the crowd
  • Ideas for developing your media campaigns

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to learn about the overall strategic roles and functions of public relations, and the value it can add to your brand. Perfect for, but not limited to PR professionals, communications managers, and team leaders.

LSPR Professional Development Diploma. The Certificate is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service:

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I was trained by an institution capable of turning the teaching and learning process into a truly memorable experience. My new journey starts with you LSPR! Thank you for everything.

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Diana’s PR campaign course was so thorough and useful. I’ve come away from the course feeling a lot more confident!”​

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PR Manager

Really enjoyed the session! Great to be learning from such well-informed professionals who have a great experience to share.

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