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Course Overview

CSR is much broader than philanthropy. During your training, you will gain an understanding of how CSR looks to change business operations in a way that maximises organisational benefits to society and minimises the risks and costs to society, all whilst keeping focused on maintaining brand value.  

Explore how to develop a CSR and ESG culture for a purposeful business, alongside other socially responsible strategies to achieve successful outcomes. The training will help you understand how to manage corporate social responsibility and sustainability within your organisation. Social responsibility will be viewed from the point of view of enhancing reputation, reducing risk, and managing the brand image. There will be a focus during the course on how sustainability implies that a company is truly incorporating social and environmental issues into its business model. Further, explore how to make a business case for CSR as an established strategy that helps improve the brand’s positioning as a purpose-led brand. The training will explore how corporate citizenship companies can be conscious of the kind of impact they are having on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental. 

Significant topics such as climate change and biodiversity loss as well as sustainability within industries are discussed within the course, with cause-related, green, and environmental marketing explained. We will look at the latest trends that will help your understanding of how powerful a tool CSR can be for businesses. 

Delivered by leading CSR experts in a practical way, you will learn how to enhance stakeholder relationships and create positive business practices, with strong CSR strategies.  

Course Details

  • To understand CSR and ESG issues affecting businesses when considering its impact
  • To examine the changes and trends affecting CSR
  • To understand how CSR can enhance your brand’s reputation and help build trust and value  
  • To integrate your CSR strategies as part of internal and external communications
  • Exploring current social and environmental perspectives of CSR and ESG – setting the scene for current issues  
  • Looking at how CSR strategies are changing and evolving 
  • Learning how CSR helps build brand equity, improves reputation, and enhance trust and values  
  • Discussing CSR as an integral part of your internal and external communications and stakeholder engagement  
  • Utilising strategies and methods to communicate CSR ideas and programmes 
  • Learning from case studies: examples of good practice 

It is if you are looking to expand your knowledge of sustainability across various organisations, sectors and practices, including business, consulting, environmental, social and governance (ESG), and energy sectors. The course is also suitable for you if you are looking to improve your knowledge of strategy and the latest tools for sustainability, it is also for those of you changing career direction, looking to add to your skill set within an existing role or in a management and leadership role and looking to lead CSR strategies within your team and organisation.

LSPR Professional Development Certificate. The Certificate is recognised by the: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service: www.cpduk.co.uk

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