Managing The Lockdown and Remote Working

Managing The Lockdown and Remote Working

Supermarket shelves are stripped bare. Hotels, pubs, gyms, and restaurants are closed. Holidays cancelled. We are separated from our friends and family, trying to stay healthy and looking at new ways of living and working. And these are still early days.

In less than a fortnight, Britain has experienced the kind of social and political upheaval that normally only comes when you guillotine a royal, or go to war.

Empty shelves at a supermarket with a sign hanging above that reads: 22. Canned Soup. Canned Beans. Canned Vegetables.

We have not faced something like Coronavirus before and though there are analogies in the way that countries adapt to traumas like disease, war and famine, this situation is unprecedented in the modern age. We are all struggling to cope – our medical and care workers, government, schools, hospitality, travel, retail and food distribution are disrupted. Not to mention you and I.

An old cinema sign that reads: The World is Temporarily Closed. A neon sign above the text that reads: WORLD

This has caused incredible stress on everyone and it’s a new kind of stress: A feeling of being out of control, facing the unknown, fears for our loved ones, a terrible sense of aloneness, dealing with bringing food to the table, juggling work with home-schooling-, not to mention worries about money. Given all this, it is vital that we find coping mechanisms to deal with the stress. 

Woman sitting on the floor, leaning her back on a white sofa, a laptop on one of her knees.

Take care and stay safe!


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