Close up of a tablet with text on the screen in the format of a newspaper report, with a cup of tea to the right of the tablet

Press Releases are still Important for your Company.

Press Releases are still Important for your Company.

With the ever-growing number of new businesses and start-ups, it is vital that your companies’ message is being heard over the plethora of competitors.

Get Your Brand's Voice Heard in a Crowded Marketplace

How do you get your voice heard in the crowd?

Rapidly evolving technology and the rise of social media have impacted the way we market our brands. We exist in a world overloaded with information. Digitally, we are exposed to more and more news, on a variety of subjects, and we find that brand exposure is at an all-time high. 

Close up of a tablet with text on the screen in the format of a newspaper report, with a cup of tea to the right of the tablet

What is the origin of these articles and information? It is likely that the news came from the humble press release. Don’t underestimate it though. It may be humble, but it remains a powerful PR tool. 

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a factual communication document from a business to a journalist, which provides information about a brand, person or event. A press release is distributed for several reasons, such as promoting upcoming events, celebrating awards, an innovation, a crisis, a CSR initiative aligning to a social issue, or any sort of update relating to their company or industry.

The press release is a tried and tested method that gets your message across. Perfecting your press releases can earn attention from traditional and new media, via national and international outlets.  The exposure does more than just increase the number of impressions your brand receives. It increases your brand’s credibly and protects its reputation.

Be mindful that a press release does not just get ‘picked up’. You must match the subject matter with the correct media and have a credible story. The content must be factual and informative. Having a solid media contact list is a must. Alternatively, a media distribution agency will ensure the correct reach and will increase the chances of having your release published. 

Make it Appealing to Bloggers

Your release might get picked up by bloggers, which will help spread your message quickly through social media channels. Influencer marketing is all the rage. Make sure the content is directed towards the correct publication and adapt according to the style of the media. Make it timely, interesting, relevant and on trend. If your release isn’t interesting, then it isn’t going to get any attention. Remember to stick to the facts.

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Get Your Brand and Voice Out There

Press releases, if done correctly, can have huge benefits for your brand. Furthermore, it can give you the opportunity to brand yourself as an expert in the industry. Press releases give instant exposure, which increases your sales potential and relationship with consumers, influencers and people in the media.

Creating a press release which is well organised, succinct and relevant is a specific skill. These skills can be learnt and practised. It helps to be shown the dos and nots. What works and what doesn’t. There are a few simple rules to follow and practice makes perfect.  

LSPR has trained many clients in mastering this skill. We continue to look at what works and how to make improvements. Our trainers are PR professionals, with vast experience of delivering world class press releases for big name brands 



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