Close up on a leaflet that reads: Museum of Brands. A smart phone lays on the leaflet with an LSPR Instagram story open on the phone.

An Insight into LSPR

An Insight into LSPR

So, what is it like to be part of the training experience at LSPR? For an added dimension to their learning journey on the 5-day Fundamentals of PR Diploma, our delegates were taken to a visit to the London Museum of Brands.

We strive to give delegates the best possible learning experience during their time at LSPR and do this by supplementing our delegates training sessions with visits to see how branding works in the real world. Our trip to the museum, detailed below, is just one example of how we offer more to delegates who study with us. 

Delegates visited the museum at the midway point of the Fundamentals of PR Diploma. They had previously explored ideas on how to create a desirable brand, the psychological elements of branding, building reputation and how to generate loyalty and trust within a brand. The visit to the museum complimented what delegates had explored in class. The Brands Museum’s rich content of 12,000 original items, meant they were able to discover how well-loved brands evolved through creative use of packaging and advertising – and how we evolved with them.

Close up on a leaflet that reads: Museum of Brands. A smart phone lays on the leaflet with an LSPR Instagram story open on the phone.

Another topic that delegates covered in the Diploma, was how to implement a sustainable CSR strategy within their organisation. In class, delegates explored the current perspectives of corporate social responsibility, exploring case studies such as sustainability in the fashion industry and the push towards meat free diets. The course continued to explore how companies’ strategies towards CSR are changing and evolving, and different approaches towards the topic.

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The visit to the brand museum helped cement these ideas within their “Pack to the Future” exhibit, showcasing sustainable packaging from well-known brands, such as Tesco and Waitrose. With the media placing more focus than ever on the harmful effect packaging, (especially plastic), is having on the environment, the museum’s exhibit was a fascinating look into how brands continually evaluate their choice of packaging material, refillable packs, improving recyclability and by concentrating the product itself, so less resources are used.

“Being able to supplement my learning by visiting the Museum of Brands, helped solidify the ideas explored within the classroom”, said Israel Kgosidiile, Public Relations Manager of the Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority. He is pictured below in front of the recently commissioned mural located at the front of the Museum of Brands building.

Image of a man standing in front of bold yellow, blue and red graffiti artwork

The design was selected by public vote and won by Sean Steed who is currently pursuing an MA in Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art.

Sean said “While visiting the Museum of Brands, I was stimulated by all of the typography, lettering, colour combinations and illustrations. I eventually selected 12 – 15 iconic brands… I wanted to capture both vintage and contemporary branding…. Brands will always be all around us wherever we look so an image that bleeds from the architectural frame was necessary.”

This visit to the Museum of Brands is an example of LSPR’s hybrid approach to training, which involves blending practical elements of PR, communications, management consultancy, with a consultancy-based approach to training. Sessions are delivered by practicing PR experts, in a dynamic environment, in which creative ideas are encouraged challenges discussed, assumptions challenged, and client-focused solutions emerge. 

If you are interested in joining us for exciting and dynamic training, please have a look through our programmes online. In addition to a wide choice of 1, 2, 3 and 5 day professional development programmes,  we can create a tailored course to match specific requirements. Connect with us to discuss your training needs. We are always happy to help you through your learning journey! 


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