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First Blog of LSPR

First Blog of LSPR

The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) was established in 1992 by its founder and Director, John Dalton. LSPR is widely respected as a training provider specialising in PR, branding and reputation management. Located in the very heart of London, LSPR offers courses in PR and reputation management, issue and crisis management, CSR and branding.

LSPR believes that public relations (PR) is evolving into a multi-disciplinary subject best described as “reputation management”. Our primary mission is to provide up-to-date courses that explain how brands can build reputational capabilities that adapt to the prevailing market and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. For us, a traditional PR approach is no longer adequate to tackle the complexities of the prevailing business environment, which is why our courses are so relevant and based on commercial realities.

If you are fascinated by brands, intrigued by corporate communications, absorbed by social media and want to learn more, LSPR will provide you with the skills and insights required to stay ahead of the competition. Equally, if you are becoming overwhelmed by the complexities of brand communications then LSPR will help you review your understanding and provide clear direction in a competitive and increasingly specialised job market.

We offer the following courses:
  • PR and Reputation Management: Diploma
  • Brand Management: Advanced Certificate
  • Issue and Crisis Management: Advanced Certificate
  • Leadership and Personal Branding: Advanced Certificate
  • CSR and Green Marketing: Advanced Certificate
  • Feature, Corporate and Press Release Writing: Certificate

LSPR has two Central London sites – Kensington and Notting Hill, both of which are very close to Notting Hill Gate tube station.

Global Experience:

With franchises in fourteen countries, including two national PR Associations, LSPR has considerable experience in corporate communications training. Our success is reflected in our client list.

As well as providing consultancy services to our corporate clients, LSPR also trains individuals and provides diploma and certificate courses. The School and its trainers have taught in over 38 countries and bring a wealth of experience and perspectives with them to the courses.

We’ll be blogging regularly on all issue of Reputation Management, PR/Marketing, Social Media, Brand Management, CSR&Green Marketing, and Issue & Crisis Management.


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