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Communication Professionals: Will They Sink or Swim?

Communication Professionals: Will They Sink or Swim?

This summer’s Rio Olympics will be a great platform for the communication professionals to showcase their winning streak. This is in terms of creating positive brand positioning, developing loyalty, heightening brand visibility and enhancing employee engagement.

Communication: On The Flip Side

However, rather frustratingly perhaps, the constraints of rules and regulation set out by the powers that be behind the Olympics, can ebb the flow of creativity. The branding creatives will have to navigate and comply with a plethora of strict rules and regulations. On the other hand, one might not consider this as a bad thing for the communication professional, as they will need to carefully look at a number of issues. If the issues are not analysed and planned in advance, then the brand’s reputation could be jeopardized, resulting in higher risks. In a further effort to avoid the pitfalls, they will also need to put robust crisis management policies in place.

Managing issues and minimising risk isn’t all too much fun, but to ignore this vital process will result in costly mistakes and reputation damage. For such a large and global event, there is a potential risk in how communication professionals will represent their brands.

In a further bid to satisfy the sponsors seeking exclusivity and greater visibility, sponsorship clutter is another minefield to navigate. The creatives will need to work extremely hard to keep their clients happy and ensure the right type of brand exposure.

Fingers crossed they produce winners and bring in the gold!

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